ZANNIER is the vocation of a family with a passion for hospitality, gastronomy and viticulture.

Zannier Hotels

Arnaud Zannier, son of Roger Zannier, is the driving force behind the hotel projects.
Passionate about the hotel industry, the first Zannier branded hotel was launched in 2011, in Megève, France. His passion does not stop at this first property, as future hotel projects are currently in development in Asia and the Mediterranean.

"More than just a new brand, it represents the birth of a new approach, driven by my own personal values : innovation, integrity, simplicity & pursuing excellence." Arnaud Zannier

Domaines Roger Zannier

Roger Zannier and his son-in-law Marc Monrose are nowadays also involved in several wine-making regions in Portugal and more recently, in France.

These extraordinary foundations combined with passion and an unwavering commitment to authenticity, now lead to the production of the exceptional vintages that we would like for you to discover in these few pages, and above all, in our bottles.